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[unknown]Configuration Screem - Dirk Gently
Configuration File for Screem. Donya. It takes a little time to set up Screem to behave good so I decided to upload it. Also includes automatic save if Screem decides to crash. Unpack and place in /home/user directory.
Keywords: Configuration; Screem; Linux; HTML Editors
Downloads: 36
[software]PageUpdater II -
This program provides a standard text editor to safely modify Web pages. The Webmaster designates which pages and/or sections of pages may be modified using custom PageUpdater tags. The Webmaster may further restrict colors, font sizes and types, and links.
Keywords: PageUpdater II; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; PageUpdater II
Downloads: 23
[software]NoteTab Pro -
This is an HTML text editor that provides point-and-click, instant HTML tags and timed pop-up messages. It is programmable and supports Perl and Gawk scripts. It allows you to handle large files, format text, use a spell checker and thesaurus, and perform system-wide searches and multi-line global replacements. You can also build document templates, add bookmarks and convert text to HTML.
Keywords: NoteTab Pro; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; NoteTab Pro
Downloads: 42
[software]E-ditor -
Create your own e-books written in HTML or TXT format. You can create an unlimited number of e-books, e-zines, booklets, catalogs and multimedia presentations to sell over the Internet. Add security options, design options, and button configurations to your products.
Keywords: E-ditor; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; E-ditor
Downloads: 135
[software]RingHTML -
This HTML editor can open multiple documents, an internal browser for previewing Web pages, wizards for tables and lists, and a QuickPage wizard for quick-starting a Web site. There is also an AutScript Wizard, containing Javascripts for effects and utilities. The AutoForm Wizard allows you to choose from a set of pre-created forms, and then customize them for your specific information.
Keywords: RingHTML; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; RingHTML
Downloads: 34
[software]Selida -
This is a WYSIWYG editor, code completion and a HTML 4 reference program.
Keywords: Selida; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; Selida
Downloads: 81
[software]WebDwarf -
This Web design editor combines a word processor, a vector geometry editor, an advanced rendering tool, and an FTP client publisher for HTML and SVG. You can use the vector editor to create shapes with flat, linear, cylindrical or radial shading and transparency. Your titles can also be shaded and rendered. The text editor can add your formatted text using a standard word-processor-style interface...
Keywords: WebDwarf; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; webdwarf; web; dwarf
Downloads: 80
[software]Elfima Notepad -
This text editor creates PDF, HTML, XML and SVG documents. With Elfima Notepad you can also re-import and modify your PDF documents.
Keywords: Elfima Notepad; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; Elfima Notepad
Downloads: 152
[software]WikiWriter -
This is an authoring system for building Web sites, online help systems, courseware, project documentation, PIMs, outlines, text-base reference notes or blogs. Text input is similar to Notepad or an HTML editor. The output is displayed in a Web browser. WikiWriter uses a simplified markup system but allows advanced HTML markup for experienced producers. It also uses simplified code for entering HTML elements, DIVs, SPANs, included files, navigation aids and indexing.
Keywords: WikiWriter; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; WikiWriter
Downloads: 39
[software]Accella -
This is a Web editor with eight built-in tools including a multi-file WYSIWYG HTML editor. You can drag images or text in the page and right-click to change colors, fonts and images. This editor doubles as a syntax highlighted code editor supporting 20 code languages. The user interface is the same in actual and code views and functions like a word processor. You can create tables and insert images with a thumbnail previewer...
Keywords: Accella; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; Accella
Downloads: 107
[software]WritePad -
This is a multipurpose text editor with syntax highlighting of 19 programming languages. The program supports encoding and decoding with the RC6 algorithm. Supports hotkeys, batch processes, bookmarks, search-and-replace and drag-and-drop. English, German, Russian and Ukrainian languages are supported.
Keywords: WritePad; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; WritePad
Downloads: 173
[software]CuteHTML Pro -
This is a development tool for editing text, HTML and code. You can automatically create code using tools that let you select from a list of properties, events, and styles. Includes a script generator, Java and DHTML scripts, and a multi-language reference editor. You can also generate complex HTML code such as tables, frames, image maps, forms and text formatting with wizard-like dialogs. Recall commonly used code snippets using a single keystroke and create pages using pre-built page templates...
Keywords: CuteHTML Pro; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; CuteHTML Pro
Downloads: 161
[unknown]Usenet groups within alt.html from
Usenet newsgroups within "alt.html", contributed courtesy of These captures omit most binary posts.
Keywords: alt.html.editors.toppage; alt.html.web-accessibility; alt.html.dynamic; alt.html.webedit; alt.html; alt.html.editors.webedit
Downloads: 87
[software]CoffeeCup HTML Editor -
With CoffeeCup HTML Editor, you can create, edit, and upload Web pages. Features include free, live chat support and free upgrades for life; more than 100 JavaScripts and 25,000 graphics, icons, and photos; built-in FTP functionality, an image editor, and an HTML code cleaner; a DHTML menu builder; a built-in Flash Text wizard; a Scrollbar Color wizard; more than 40 Web site templates; and live page previewing, which works with JavaScript, CSS, and DHTML...
Keywords: CoffeeCup HTML Editor; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; HTML; EDITOR; EDITORS; HTML EDITOR; HTML EDITORS; CoffeeCup HTML Editor
Downloads: 258
[software]CuteHTML -
This tool's light size and low resource use make for a rapid launch, enabling you to make quick changes to your HTML or PERL code. Its simple and straightforward interface and "only essentials" feature set make CuteHTML a great complementary editor to any WYSIWYG or full-sized one.
Keywords: CuteHTML; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; html advanced editors; html tools; www; html; html authoring; cutehtml; web editors; web; html editors
Downloads: 514
[software]DzSoft WebPad -
This HTML editor has PHP and ASP syntax highlighting. It provides a preview in a built-in browser. There is also an HTML tidy tool from the World Wide Web Consortium to format and clean your HTML code.
Keywords: DzSoft WebPad; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; dzsoftwebpad; dzsoft webpad
Downloads: 41
[software]HTML Code Cleaner -
This program optimizes HTML documents, resulting in shorter downloading and uploading time. Pages will appear in a client's Internet browser in the same way, but they will be 20% to 40% smaller. It removes unnecessary characters and tags. HTML Code Cleaner will also help you check and fix broken links.
Keywords: HTML Code Cleaner; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; html code cleaner
Downloads: 87
[software]Enhanced HTML Editor -
This is an HTML editor with FTP, JavaScripts and tutorials. It provides templates and wizards to create the basic layout, an image browser to choose and organize your pictures, and autotype to add tags and fine-tune attributes. You can preview your work in various screen sizes, make minor changes without editing the HTML and then upload to your Web site with the built-in FTP program. You can also import a text or RTF document, spell check it in multiple languages and save it as a Web page...
Keywords: Enhanced HTML Editor; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; HTML; EDITOR
Downloads: 141
[software]Light Pad -
This editing tool supports HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Perl files. Syntax highlighting assists with Web development, and default templates for each common file type are included. You can preview documents using an external browser or the built-in browser. Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera and Mozilla are supported, and you can customize the interface, toolbars, colors and commands.
Keywords: Light Pad; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; light pad; lightpad
Downloads: 53
[software]Quickie Web Page -
This tool allows individuals to create their own Web sites. Development and editing tools allow you to complete Web pages without learning HTML. The program is simple enough for novice users, and it includes advanced features for Web designers. You can publish your Web pages using Quickie Web Page's Upload File and Upload Site commands. Another feature allows you to search for free Web hosting.
Keywords: Quickie Web Page; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; quickie web page
Downloads: 72
[software]Trellian Codepad -
This is a drop-in replacement for Windows NotePad. It includes syntax highlighting for all major Web-based languages.
Keywords: Trellian Codepad; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; Trellian Codepad; Trellian; Codepad
Downloads: 95
[software]Matizha Sublime 3.2 -
This program has a built-in HTML editor and a WYSIWYG mode. It includes a code inspector, a project manager, a DHTML menu creation wizard and visual design options.
Keywords: Matizha Sublime 3.2; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; Matizha Sublime; Matizha; Sublime
Downloads: 131
[software]HotHTML 3 Professional -
This program allows you to create, manage and deploy Web sites. HotHTML 3 supports 24 languages natively via a syntax highlighting code editor. It also provides internal FTP support, project management, code snippet storage and the ability to preview both static and server-side files via an internal browser. There is also BuildManager allowing you to compile or build scripts and applications directly inside the IDE...
Keywords: HotHTML 3 Professional; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; HotHTML 3 Professional
Downloads: 19
[software]HTMLPad 2004 Pro -
This is a program for HTML, XHTML, CSS and Web script editing. Code writing functions enable you to create and edit HTML, XHTML, CSS and other web documents, while integrated tools allow you to easily validate, reuse, navigate and format your code. Includes syntax highlighting and functions for JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, SSI and Perl.
Keywords: HTMLPad 2004 Pro; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; HTML Pad 2004 Pro
Downloads: 120
[software]Power Website Builder -
This Web site building tool allows you to choose your favorite layout, color and font, and then build your own Web site, Web album, Web calendar or Web diary. It provides a built-in publisher to publish your Web site to the Internet.
Keywords: Power Website Builder; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; Power Website Builder
Downloads: 146
[software]AiMCo webPage HTML -
Edit HTML pages in a WYSIWYG editor with full drag and drop support. The program provides control over individual HTML 4.0 elements and their attributes. You can create frame layouts and edit pages directly in their frames. It underlines misspelled words, and you can navigate hypertext links to local Web pages while in edit mode. Comprehensive formatting options are included for pages, text, tables and forms.
Keywords: AiMCo webPage HTML; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; AiMCo web Page HTML
Downloads: 40
[software]StyleVision Enterprise Edition -
This is a stylesheet designer and database report generator. In addition to the design and editing of XSLT and XSL:FO stylesheets and the transformation of XML content into HTML and PDF output, it enables direct database reporting in HTML and PDF. In one step you can access database data, process it in XML, and render it into HTML pages and PDF reports.
Keywords: StyleVision Enterprise Edition; Internet; Web building tools; XML; HTML EDITOR; HTML EDITORS; stylevision
Downloads: 147
[software]MetaProducts Web Studio -
This is a project oriented tool for developing and supporting Web sites. It includes a text editor and tools for working with HTML, XHTML, JavaScript and CSS. It provides customizable syntax highlighting and the ability to browse or execute a document without leaving the edit window. It also permits defining any commands with a built-in macros language. A built-in browser, FTP client and find-and-replace function is supported...
Keywords: MetaProducts Web Studio; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; Web Studio
Downloads: 24
[software]Alleycode HTML Editor -
This HTML editor offers Synchro View, which provides real-time rendition with two-way synchronized code/design view. It offers an assignments feature for quick access to projects, Turf View, which is an unusual real estate view of your documents with fast right-click control. It also offers CSS Wizard, a comprehensive style sheet wizard which creates/updates either internal or external style sheets (CSS1 - CSS2)...
Keywords: Alleycode HTML Editor; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; Alleycode HTML; allycode; ally code
Downloads: 146
[software]Page Edit Web authoring software -
This Web-authoring software lets you create Web pages without needing to know HTML. The program's scripting engine is designed to translate plain English commands into HTML code ready for the Web.
Keywords: Page Edit Web authoring software; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; Page Edit Web authoring software
Downloads: 76
[software]Web Page Teacher -
If you are new to Web design, this program can teach you the code behind the Web page. It includes 50 step-by-step HTML lessons that teach you what each tag does and when to use it.
Keywords: Web Page Teacher; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; web page teacher; webpage teacher
Downloads: 104
[software]Dominant Ad Creator -
This program allows anyone to create auction ads that are compatible with virtually all auction sites. Some of the key features include built-in HTML commands, special text and document effects, 20 truly customizable templates, support for up to 10 images, and the ability to insert 3D animated text and emoticons to all ads.
Keywords: Dominant Ad Creator; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; Dominant Ad Creator
Downloads: 59
[software]Antechinus Web Effects -
This allows you to visually create and edit Web sites with multimedia capabilities and cross-browser menus. The program works with Antechinus JavaScript Editor allowing you to switch easily between the code and the visual interpretation. You can create WYSIWYG absolutely-positioned pop-ups, publish your pages on the Internet and verify links automatically.
Keywords: Antechinus Web Effects; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; Antechinus Web Effects
Downloads: 46
[software]AceHTML 5 -
This HTML editor includes a syntax checker, a code explorer and 175 built-in DHTML and JavaScript samples. It also includes international alphabet support for most languages and a stylesheet editor for adding CSS2 style to your Web site. It supports documents for XML, Perl and WML.
Keywords: AceHTML 5; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; AceHTML 5 Freeware
Downloads: 566
[software]Smart Editor Professional -
This is a text, hex and HTML editor. It includes support for programming languages and WYSIWYG HTML design. It provides templates, project manager, FTP support, a code library, programming assistants, tasks and notes, and plugins. You can write your own wizards as macros. You can compile your source code files and projects directly from the IDE, or by using the built-in command prompt. Smart Editor Professional supports widely used languages including C#, VB.NET C, C++, Basic variants, Java, Pas...
Keywords: Smart Editor Professional; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; Smart Editor Professional
Downloads: 204
[software]TopStyle Pro -
This is an HTML, XHTML and CSS editor. It includes a style upgrade, which upgrades outdated HTML to CSS. The style checker checks your CSS syntax and warns you of browser-related problems, while integration with CSE HTML Validator and HTML Tidy helps maintain valid HTML.
Keywords: TopStyle Pro; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; WEB DESIGN; HOMESITE; HTML; DREAMWEAVER; HTML EDITOR; COFFEE CUP; HTML EDITORS; html style sheets; topstyle; html tools; html authoring; html; cascading style sheets; dynamic html; css; we
Downloads: 141
[software]DiDaPro HTML Editor -
This HTML editor includes color-coded tags, the ability to input code and a preview mode. It also includes a launch bar, editor buttons, find and replace, jump-to and table templates.
Keywords: DiDaPro HTML Editor; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; HTML EDITORS; HTML EDITOR; dida; html editor; web editor; html; publishing; didapro; beginning editors; advance editors; didapro HTML editor; dida pro
Downloads: 147
[software]Sothink HTML Editor -
This HTML editor includes code, DHTML and JavaScript. It has editing, design and preview windows that let you check your work from three perspectives. It includes enhanced code editing and a stand-alone site manager. There is also a gallery of widgets and wizards, and it provides code bookmarking functions.
Keywords: Sothink HTML Editor; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; HTML Editors; Web page Editor; HTML code editors; web site; HTML editor; web page tools; Java button; Java menu tools; applet menu; Javascript; Java; DHTML; Sothink
Downloads: 75
[software]HotDog Professional -
This is the latest version of this robust, flexible and user-friendly HTML editor. With millions of users worldwide since 1994, a first-class support network and access to the developer's other products and services, this editor will put you on the right path to creating a professional Web site. It has a built-in Web site management tool, navigation viewer, HTML property sheet and a built-in FTP utility...
Keywords: HotDog Professional; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; HTML EDITOR; SHIT; WEB; HTML EDITORS; HTML; WEBSITE; EDITOR; EDITORS; SITE; PAGE; TEXT; HISTORY; DESIGN; HOTDOG; WEBPAGE; hotdog; profession; hot; dog
Downloads: 1,168 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(2 reviews)
[software]Namo WebEditor -
This utility allows you to create and manage Web sites. It includes design and script templates, site resource management features, and integrated graphics features. It also includes a vector-based Web graphic drawing tool, optimized for use with Namo WebEditor.
Keywords: Namo WebEditor; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; NETOBJECTS; WEBEASY; HTML EDITOR; WYSIWYG; WEB EDITOR; HOMEPAGE; WEB DESIGN; DREAMWEAVER; FRONTPAGE; html advanced editors; html tools; www; html; html authoring; web editors; web; html editors; namo webeditor
Downloads: 335
[software]BestAddress HTML Editor 2004 Professional -
Split-screen previewing displays your site as you code in this HTML editor, which includes support for HTML, PHP and CSS. Other functions include a DHTML menu designer, spell checking, built-in HTML securing capabilities, code auto-completion, the ability to open and save your pages directly to the Internet, templates, 14 tutorials, and site projects. There are more than 70 functions in all.
Keywords: BestAddress HTML Editor 2004 Professional; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; BestAddress HTML Editor 2003 Second Edition
Downloads: 118
[software]ZZ-Softs Easy Html Editor -
This HTML editor provides a tool bar, HTML tags and a snippets section. It also supports Web documents from HTML to CGI, syntax coloring and 2 modes of Web site making. It includes a script editor that supports VBscript, JavaScript and Perl scripts. It also includes editable Web site templates, quick tags, a browser and a visual editor. Note: Visual Basic 6.0 runtime files need to be updated.
Keywords: ZZ-Softs Easy Html Editor; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; zz-soft; zzsoft; zzsoft html editor
Downloads: 76
[software]FlexSite -
This is a simple HTML editor allows you to produce a basic Web page. When you are familiar with HTML programming you can add if/then statements, loops and other programming.
Keywords: FlexSite; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; authoring; tools; flexsite; learning html; html; html tools; web authoring
Downloads: 18
[software]Araneae -
This is a text editor for HTML files. It includes syntax highlighting, a multiple document tabbed interface, a color picker, drag-and-drop support, and GIF, PNG, and JPG support.
Keywords: Araneae; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; web editing tools; html text editors; html tools; html authoring; editors; araneae; editor applications; we
Downloads: 95
[software]Word Cleaner -
This Web design tool enables you to batch convert Word files to HTML and clean out all of the unnecessary tags, reducing the size of your files. The program also works with RTF and TXT files.
Keywords: Word Cleaner; Internet; Web building tools; Text editors; HTML EDITOR; MICROSOFT WORD; WEB DESIGN; HTML EDITORS; MICROSOFT OFFICE; OFFICE XP; TEXT EDITORS; Word Cleaner
Downloads: 84
[software]Advanced PDF to HTML converter -
Convert PDF files into HTML so they can be used for online browsing. Graphics, hyperlinks, bookmarks and lines will all be preserved. This version has an added option to merge images creating one image file per page and support for Central European characters. The converter can process all horizontal and vertical lines as well as polygons. Advanced PDF to HTML converter is a standalone application and doesn't require Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.
Keywords: Advanced PDF to HTML converter; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; Advanced P D F to H T M L converter
Downloads: 161
[software]w3 I.D.E. www Integrated Development Environment -
This IDE program supports HTML 4.0, PHP, Perl, JavaScript and CSS. It provides a Projects Wizard, a PHP and Perl command library, a JavaScript code bank and a user code favorites. It includes an image import function, access to other MS programs, a recent files menu, error trapping, single-click HTML tags, form creation, meta tag support, FTP upload manager and a hexadecimal HTML color picker.
Keywords: w3 I.D.E. www Integrated Development Environment; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; w3 I.D.E. www Integrated Development Environment
Downloads: 140
[software]Flashation Flash Menu builder -
This is a Flash button and menu builder. You can create animated Flash Web menus and buttons for your site. You can match the color scheme to that of your Web site, and the program displays the exact colors of buttons, text and animation. The program saves your settings and automatically loads your text labels, URLs, sounds and colors when you launch the program.
Keywords: Flashation Flash Menu builder; Internet; Web building tools; Flash; BUTTONS; BUTTON; FLASH; FRONTPAGE; HTML EDITOR; WEB DESIGN; HTML EDITORS; WEB PAGE; WEB EDITOR; Flashation Flash Menu builder
Downloads: 253
[software]Matrix Y2K -
This code based HTML editor supports 13 languages. It provides access to commonly used tags, a multi-document interface, syntax highlighting, search-and-replace, character map and link validator with HTML Tidy. It also allows you to create a script library that can be accessed by keywords or hotkeys. Matrix Y2K provides an internal preview and external browser preview, an image file browser, color picker, table wizard and forms support, and a documents manager.
Keywords: Matrix Y2K; Internet; Web building tools; HTML editors; matrix y2k; matrixy2k; matrix-y-2-k
Downloads: 510
[software]USENET Message Poster 2003 -
This Usenet program is designed specifically for posting mass messages to newsgroups.
Downloads: 105
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